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The best way for us to demonstrate community support to the CTA, the Alderman, and the Mayor is to tell our story about why we believe in bringing our community food co-op to the Wilson CTA.
Do you want to support the local economy? Shop healthy and affordable local food for you and your family?  Produce well-paying jobs with benefits in our neighborhood?  Get Owner returns and savings in store?  Support farmers and local producers by providing a large distribution destination? 
Share your story below, and tell us why a local food co-op is important to you.

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  • I grew up in Madison WI, and thought that coops were just a fact of life. Not so, as I learned after moving to Chicago. Coops are, of course, a great way to connect with healthy food and support local producers, but more importantly they are a true community center, as the community has ownership in the coop. Please approve this site. Chicago desperately needs food coops, and this community in particular needs a center for the great people of uptown.
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  • Food is humanity’s greatest unifier, and having a cooperative in this community could substantially increase the connectivity, resilience, and overall health and vitality of each and every individual who comes into contact with it. I am so excited about the possibility of this in Uptown, and I can only foresee great things emerging from this idea when it becomes a reality. Let’s come together and make this happen for the benefit of us all!
  • 20 years ago I planted antique apple trees in a small city yard. I enjoyed flavor diversity that I couldn’t find in a supermarket. The way I see it, every small farm has the potential to be a Natural History Museum, preserving flavor and variety. I’d like to keep all that variety going by supporting those farmers that keep botanical variations alive. A local market could be a great outlet for that. Maybe there could be as many fruit/veggie varieties as there are emojis. That would be exciting.
  • I grew up outside of Chicago, and always saw Chicago as a leader of excellent large-city community supported projects. Nothing says “Amazing Neighborhood” like a food coop, bringing fresh food in a communal structure to one of the best cities in the world.
  • I would be able to walk to a grocery store that has healthy food options and is a benefit to the neighborhood I live and work in. Right now I drive to Whole Foods. I am an owner.
  • Add your name! Let’s bring Chicago Market – A Community Co-op & local healthy food to Wilson CTA! #ChiMktAtCTAWilson
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  • This is great and much needed in our communities! Hope to see more co-ops in other Chicago neighborhoods. Thank you. ♡
  • We need healthy and affordable food around the Wilson/Broadway area. Please make this happen!
  • Having a Community Food Co-Op in our Back Yard is :

    1》Essential for Healthy Substinance & Finding Out Who Our Neighbors Are

    2》Enables a Sense Of Community & Bonding & Empathy

    This will be my go to venue for , Food & Social Engagement ! I’m very excited endorsing this Viable Idea !

    Mr. Carlos Navarro

    Community Leader
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  • I have traveled all over the U.S. including a brief move to the west coast and the ONE thing I wish Chicago had that all these other places I love frequenting has, is more co-ops. Every time I hit the road, the first places I check out is the community’s co-op food store. They serve as a hub of information, locally grown and sourced food, and always have genuine, ‘plugged in’ staff that care about the environment of their store and neighborhood. If you want to do something new, and create a caring and aware community, then a co-op at Wilson is the way to go. I choose to live in this city because I love it so but I always find myself lamenting it’s lack of co-ops, and what I huge contribution they are, when I return.
  • As a amateur grower and gardener who knows the limits of small patch of land I value a possibility of having a reliable source of produce close to where I live.
  • We support you; please support us! A Co-op will provide fresh healthy food at affordable prices. We need this in the Community.
  • I first moved to Uptown in 1998. I fell in love with the area and lived there for 14 years. I still own property in the area and have waited to see this historic area of Chicago get the attention and love it deserves. Having Chicago Market based in this area would be excellent for all the residents of Uptown, and nearby communities. Being near the El would be essential for Chicago Market’s scope to reach more residents of the north side.
  • I’m so eager to buy fresh, locally grown foods and products. When I was a kid, we ate “seasonally” and only bought locally grown food at the grocery store and directly from farmers. We canned bushels of fruits and vegetables annually and it fed our family of six throughout the winter. While I may not do canning anymore, I’ll love having access to delicious fresh, locally grown foods at Chicago Market and also learning about the people who grow and make the food we enjoy. We need this amazing location! Good for our families, our local economy and our community!
  • Wilson Ave is my stop and I love living here. A food co-op would be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood!
  • I come from a family of farmers. When I was able to visit everything was always fresh from the farm. This location would provide the public with direct access to quality, healthy foods.
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