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Public Board Minutes from 10/26/16 Present:  Mark, Mike, Dan, Grant, Lizzy, Emily, Kelly, Anthony, Greg, Linn, Larry, Bill  (and two owners - Molly Milne, Adam Widera)Notes: Anthony and Emily
Public Board Minutes for 11/16/16 Public Minutes for Chicago Market Board Meeting of 11/16/167 p.m.Emily's housePresent: Bill, Greg, Dan, Grant, Karen, Jen, Larry, Mike, Heather, Emily, LinnAbsent: Anthony, Kelly, Mark, LizzyGuest: Lee Herman
Public Board Minutes for 12/14/16 Present: Anthony, Dan, Grant, Lizzy, Mark (left at 8pm), Emily, Jen, Greg, LarryAbsent: Heather, Karen, Kelly, Mike, Bill, LinnGuest: Lee HermanLocation: Cafe ChienNotes: Lizzy

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