Payment plan now available for Market ownership


You asked and Chicago Market answered.

Many of you told us that $250 is a lot to pay all at once to become a Chicago Market Owner, so our ace finance/tech/legal team has developed an ownership payment plan.

Now, you can help build your dream grocery store for as little as $25 a month. 

You'll receive all the rights and benefits of ownership from your first payment onward, as long as you remain in good standing. That means you can vote for the Board of Directors, run to serve on the Board of Directors, get discounts on classes and special events, and, of course, strut around town with your fashionable Chicago Market tote bag. 

Click here to become an Owner via payment plan (spread out over as many as 10 months) or lump sum. 

The process of creating this payment plan has been wonderfully indicative of how we hope and expect Chicago Market to function. Chicago Market leaders always intended to implement a payment plan -- some day. But we've been pretty swamped making sure our summer ownership campaign -- #1000in100 -- is a success.

So many of you, though, came to us at events and told us that money was your only barrier to ownership. We knew the payment plan had to move way up on the agenda to make this community co-op as inclusive as possible. 

You asked and we answered. Now please join us on this exciting journey of building your local, sustainable grocery store.

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  • Heather Sennett
    Thanks so much, Katje. We’re glad to have you. I’m passing along your comment to our IT team.
  • Katje Sabin
    Just joined today, because of this option! A suggestion: instead of having the payment plan option below the two levels of ownership on the “join” page, perhaps list it as an option AFTER you’ve already hit the “purchase” button. It’s easy to go through the whole process thinking you’ll get a payment plan option, but there’s no sign of it that I saw. Thanks and good luck!
  • Heather Sennett
    So glad to hear that! That’s exactly why we did it. Thanks for becoming an Owner.
  • Danita Browne
    Thanks for doing this! Having a payment plan made it easy to join! (#359!)

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