Press Release 4.13.17: Chicago Market Announces Pursuit of Site

Chicago Market, a local, sustainable co-op grocery store under development on the city's north side, is pursuing a site. In collaboration with Alderman James Cappleman's office and community leaders, Chicago Market is working to bring a full-service, community-owned grocery store to the new Wilson Red Line stop. 

Since launching in June 2014, Chicago Market has become a community of nearly 900 Owners, each of whom owns a stake in the store. Chicago Market has been actively engaged in a site search process for more than a year, and has evaluated sites all over the north side. This project, the Gerber Building, has amazing potential to become the perfect home for Chicago Market. Learn more about Chicago Market here.

"The Gerber Building is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Chicago Market," said Board of Directors President Grant Kessler. "We hope to bring a destination grocery store, owned by the community, to Uptown."

The gorgeous Beaux-Arts-style Wilson Station (aka the Gerber Building) was designed by architect Arthur U. Gerber in 1907, and was considered to be the hub to the north side's renowned entertainment district during the Jazz Age. The CTA is working on a $203 million restoration project, which moves the train station across the street and creates a 13,000 square foot retail space. 

The CTA has issued a Request for Proposals, or RFP, asking for bids on the property. Chicago Market is working with Alderman Cappleman's office, its commercial real estate brokers, its architect and designer, and its community partners to craft a proposal. Chicago Market's Board of Directors anticipates that mainstream chain businesses will seek the space as well, but believes that our community-owned grocery store has the unique potential to make the Wilson Station a destination like no other. 

"I'm proud to say that I joined Chicago Market a few years ago and became their 500th member when I was at the Buena Park Neighbors meeting," said Alderman James Cappleman, an Owner of Chicago Market himself. "Chicago Market would be a great addition to the neighborhood!"

Chicago Market plans to build a large, beautiful, full-service, community-owned grocery store, with a full line of products and a focus on local and sustainable foods. The project will create approximately 75 jobs. 

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