Say Hello to Owner Anni Metz!

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What is Owner Anni Metz, #1200, all about? Take a read and you'll see...

Tell us your full name – as well as who else shares your fridge.
I’m Anni Metz, and I share a fridge with my husband, Sam, and our two-year-old son, E.

What motivated you to become an Owner of Chicago Market?
Sam and I have both been big supporters of cooperative groceries in the past -- he was an owner in a coop in Minneapolis before we met and we are also owners in the Dill Pickle Food Co-op near our old home in Logan Square. We’re thrilled to have a cooperative grocery store opening near our current home in Ravenswood and are excited to support Chicago Market in the early stages of its growth.

What type of work do you do?  
I work as a writer, helping small ethical and sustainable brands share their company stories in a way that is exciting and effective.

What else is really important to you…and why?
So many things! I’m really passionate about fair trade and conscious consumption, recycling and composting, gardening, getting outdoors as often as possible, and creating a beautiful, nurturing environment for our son to grow up in. All of these things really tie back in to why we wanted to become owners of Chicago Market -- building community, collaborating with our neighbors, consciously choosing to support businesses we believe in, caring for the earth, eating local food.

Is there something new you’d like to learn or pursue…either now or someday?
I get a lot of my creative energy out through my writing, but I also want to learn to create something tanglible -- I’ve dabbled in knitting and sewing and enjoy painting with my toddler. I’m not sure what I’ll ultimately do, but I definitely want to learn a skill someday. Right now I’m just really good at making pickles. :)

Do you have a favorite food or “signature dish”?
Curry. I’ll order it at any restaurant where it’s on the menu, but I also make a great massaman curry at home. We’re lucky to live so close to Argyle Street, where I can buy curry paste on demand!

What’s your ‘one wish come true” for Chicago Market? It might be a product for our shelves, a program you’d like to see us offer, a location – you name it!
Sam and I both want more options to buy package-free bulk goods. The selection at nearby grocery stores is okay, but we really want to be able to go to one shop and buy the majority of the things we need without creating any waste. (Also kombucha on tap, please?)

What three words best describe you?
Passionate, committed, tired. ;)

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