Volunteer Opportunities with Chicago Market - A Community Co-op

Chicago Market is a work in progress and there's still a long way to go - and we need your help!  When we get closer to opening the store, we will hire a General Manager who will staff the store. But the rest of the work of getting more Owners, building our community and letting the world know about Chicago Market is all being done by our wonderful volunteers.

  • Whether you are an Owner or not, you can contribute by volunteering at events, doing small tasks online, joining one of our teams, leading a team or taking on a longer-term responsibility for helping cover social media, keeping the site clean or other activities. Our volunteer needs cover a mix of in-person or at-home projects, strategy work, and more!


Tell us a little more about how you could contribute HERE

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  • We are currently recruiting for the following positions: 


  • Accounts Payable Administrator
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time required: 1-2 hours per week; self-scheduled/paced
  • What’s the job: Monitor Accounts Payable project for payment and reimbursement to-dos at least once a week
  •   Request Board and Treasurer approvals as needed for payments
  •   Pay bills and reimbursements, online wherever possible
  • Specific skills required:
  •   Comfortable with online payment systems, invoices, financial activities
  •   Willing to learn Basecamp
  •   Ability to keep to a regular check-in and payment schedule
  •   Existing volunteer or resume and references required, minimum background check will be required
  • Social Media and Marketing Specialists
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time required: 2-4 hours per week; self-scheduled/paced
  • What’s the job: Chicago Market is launching the Uptown Farmers Market and we need YOU to help us promote it and tell the story of our farmers and food producers. We're looking for volunteers:
  •   Photographer(s) - Join our team to shoot photos and short video at the Market. Capture vendors interacting with shoppers and all their beautiful goods to enliven our website, email and social media accounts.
  •   Videographer - Profile our farmers and producers and produce short videos of each for our website and social media.
  •   Writer(s) - Interview and profile our farmers and food producers to help us produce a web page that champions each of them, their goods, and their practices.
  •   Social Media crew - Use all our incoming photos, videos and profile
  • ***If you're interested in volunteering for the Uptown Farmers Market  please click HERE to fill out a quick survey!***
  • --
  • Uptown Farmers Market Volunteers
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time required: Wednesdays from 11:45 to 7:30pm; 2-3 hour shifts
  • What's the job: Join us once, or every week, to help our farmers and producers bring their amazing local products to the Uptown community. Tasks may include:
  •   10:30am - Noon - Lot cleanup and setup
  •   11:45am - 2:15pm - Set up, greet and assist arriving vendors, chalk neighborhood
  • Market Opens at 2:30
  •   2pm - 5pm - Complete set up, greet, welcome and thank customers, maintain one way directional, monitor and maintain COVID protocols
  •   4:45pm - 7:45pm - Staff entrance/exit, greet, welcome and thank customers, maintain one way directional, monitor and maintain COVID protocols, thank and assist departing vendors, tear down and load out, clean up
  • ***If you're interested in volunteering for the Uptown Farmers Market please click HERE to fill out a quick survey!***
  • --
  • Capital Campaign Communications and Content Creator Volunteers
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time required: 2-4 hours per week; weekly meeting Thursday at 8pm
  • What’s the job: Facilitate and lead the Capital Campaign Team's marketing strategy and implementation. This will include emails, social media, graphics, and other materials required within the span of the capital campaign. The volunteer will work closely with the head of marketing (Grant) to make sure that materials fit with the market's style guide and schedule. The volunteer will work with the Capital Campaign team, attend meetings, and help the team in thinking through marketing aspects of each project/campaign.
  • Specific skills required:
  •   Writing
  •   Marketing, communications
  •   Email campaigns
  •   Social media
  •   Graphic design, a plus
  • --
  • Cultivator Volunteer Lead - We're seeking an enthusiastic, organized leader to head-up our outreach team of Co-op Cultivators. 
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time required: 
  • What’s the job: The team is tasked with connecting and meeting with all new and recent Owners to engage them in the work of Chicago Market. With support from the Board Liaison and other relevant teams, the Cultivator Volunteer Lead will set outreach strategy and targets, track and disseminate outreach data, and train and mentor new volunteers as Co-op Cultivators.
  • Specific skills required:
  • --
  • Co-op Cultivators - We're seeking social, excited volunteers to join our outreach team of Co-op Cultivators.
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time required:
  • What’s the job: With support from the Cultivator Volunteer Lead, Co-op Cultivators will reach out to and build relationships with Owner contacts, hold outreach calls/conversations with these contacts to explore personalized opportunities to engage with Chicago Market, and support the broader team through contact tracking and knowledge sharing.
  • Specific skills required:
  • --
  • Marketing (co-) Manager
    One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing Role
  • What skills are needed:
  •   Ability to work collaboratively while taking charge and getting things done.
  •   Knowledge of online marketing tactics (email, social). 
  •   Flexible, creative, able to make impact with small budgets. 
    Time required: 5+ hours per week, regular bi-monthly meetings
    What's the job: We're seeking one or two experienced marketing pros to join our volunteer Marketing team and help develop and execute a long-term, comprehensive marketing plan. Help us build a strategic plan to reach audiences with compelling messaging and drive new Owner growth and fundraising for your Co-op. This is strategic planning work first, followed by oversight and project management to see the plans executed against Owner growth and fundraising targets. 

    The Marketing team is a top-level strategy team developing marketing plans and campaigns that support Owner growth, fundraising and general awareness of Chicago Market. It has execution support (social media, design, email marketing, events, etc.) from other teams. 

    We meet the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 7-8pm and work collaboratively online via Basecamp. 
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  • If you'd like to get involved but you're not sure where to start, let us know.


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