Volunteer Opportunities with Chicago Market - A Community Co-op


We're excited to be on our journey to getting the store open! There's still a long way to go and we need your help, whether you are an Owner or not. When we get closer to opening the store, we will hire a General Manager who will staff the store. And we have consultants helping guide the design and build process for the store. But the rest of the work of getting more Owners, building our community and letting the world know about Chicago Market is all being done by our wonderful volunteers.

You can contribute by volunteering at events, doing small tasks online, joining one of our teams, leading a team or taking on a longer-term responsibility for helping cover social media, keeping the site clean or other activities. Our volunteer needs cover a mix of in-person or at-home projects, strategy work, and getting out to spread the word.

If you'd like to get involved but you're not sure where to start, let us know.

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You can signup online to help out at events right now:

Volunteer Event Signup Page


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