Volunteer Opportunities with Chicago Market - A Community Co-op

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  • We are currently recruiting for the following positions: 


  • Chicago Market Tabling Reps
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time required: Sporadic, as needed basis
  • What’s the job: Represent Chicago Market at tabling opportunities at our own events or events we are invited to participate in.
  •   We have a large number of events coming up and through the summer (including at the Uptown Farmers Market). Training and coaching will be given in advance.
  • Specific skills required:
  •   Willingness and ability to engage strangers in conversation and motivate them to want to learn more about Chicago Market
  • --
  • Social Media and Marketing Specialists
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time required: 2-4 hours per week; self-scheduled/paced
  • What’s the job: 
  •   Photographer(s) - Join our team to shoot photos at events. Help enliven our website, email and social media accounts.
  •   Videographer - Produce short videos of each for our website and social media.
  •   Writer(s) - Help us produce a web page and social content that is eye-catching and inviting to all
  •   Social Media crew - Use all our incoming photos, videos to create and execute social posts across FB, IG and Twitter
  • --
  • Email/phone Outreach for Bounced Emails
  • One-off Project or Ongoing Role: Ongoing
  • Time Required: 2 hours a week to start; 3-4 hours per month once clean-up is completed
  • What’s the job: Contact people by email and/or phone whose email addresses are bouncing from eblasts to get new email addresses. This will also include some database updating.
  • Specific skills required:
  •   Comfort in emailing, phone calls, reasonable people skills
  •   NationBuilder/database or spreadsheet familiarity or willingness to learn.
  • -----------------
  • If you'd like to get involved but you're not sure where to start, let us know.


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