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Chicago Market is member-owned, but open to all shoppers. Owners receive a variety of benefits — both financial and in power over the direction of the Market. You'll be a key player in building the co-op community and changing the local food landscape.


The first 1,000 Owners.
One-time investment.
Covers entire household.



Help us grow faster.
Founding Owner benefits.
Acknowledgment in store.


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Why be an Owner?

Chicago Market exists to rebuild the connection between food producers and consumers. Because cooperative structure encourages serving Owners first, not shareholders, our decisions are your decisions; our goals are your goals; our bottom line is your bottom line.

Chicago Market will be different from other grocery stores in four important ways:

Focus on local foods. ‘Local foods’ is not a marketing tool for Chicago Market; it is our reason for being.

Ownership and Affordability. Chicago Market exists to serve its Owners.

Transparency, Information and Education. Chicago Market will be an open book: we will educate and provide information about our food -- where it came from, and how it was produced.

Building relationships and strong communities. At Chicago Market, farmers are not nameless links in the supply chain—they are integral community partners.

How to be an Owner.

A one-time investment covers an entire household. Owner shares may be sold back to Chicago Market, under the co-op bylaws.

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Chicago Market shares can be purchased at two levels.

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