Ownership Grant Program

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Chicago Market is able to offer Ownership to members of our community who need an option with no out-of-pocket cost.

We use $125 in donated funds to offer an Ownership. This pays for half of the cost of being an Owner. The recipient becomes an Owner immediately, and the balance up to $250 is paid over time through any patronage refunds* that the recipient may earn by shopping the store. Our program puts three of the Seven Cooperative Principles into action:

 Everyone is welcome.
 Owners participate financially.

 And as Owners, you participate in steering the Co-op. 

Our community partners select Ownership grant recipients for us.


Interested in being an Owner through our Grant Program?   Interested in donating to fund our Ownership Grant Program?


* In years when the Co-op has profits that are not reinvested into the Co-op, it may allocate those profits to Owners as patronage refunds based on how much they shopped in the store that particular year.

Ownership Grant Program participants will be eligible for shopping discounts as defined by the Co-op's General Manager. 

More info on the program.



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