Meet Our General Manager

We have reached another huge milestone!

We’ve already secured an amazing site. And now... we have an amazing person who’s going to run our grocery store!

The Chicago Market General Manager Search team is thrilled to announce that we have hired our general manager! Dan Arnett will be joining our project full time effective April 5, 2021.

We could not be more excited about bringing Dan on to guide us through the rest of the process to design, fund, stock, staff and open our Co-op.

Read more about Dan Arnett's extensive co-op work experience.

So Join Dan and Back Your Co-op Today

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 • Recruit your friends. Send them to one of our Info Sessions.
 • You can PLEDGE to loan or donate now. We'll connect with you about your loan soon.
 • You can Level Up your Ownership now. Increase your support and be recognized in the store.

You're amazing. Join us. That's how a store with healthy, local food values comes to be. That's how a store that values the planet comes to be. That's how a store that breathes life and jobs into a beautiful historic building comes to be.

updated March 2021

Vision for change.

Chicago Market wants to change the way you shop for groceries. More than that, though, we want to change your relationship with food.

Food values.

You deserve a new kind of grocery-shopping experience — one packed with local, organic foods and imbued with a sense of community. One in which you know who produces the food that feeds your family.

Community values.

Chicago Market will be a community hub — a vibrant center of exceptional food, workshops, meetings, performances and more. And you, as a co-op stakeholder, will have a voice in all aspects of this community.

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