Level Up!

Level up to Cultivating Ownership!

Are you an existing Founding Owner? Level up your Ownership to the Cultivating level and empower your Co-op to fund the next steps of development, including architects, grocery consultants, store equipment and more.

One upgraded Ownership will buy two grocery carts for our store or a hand sink for our kitchen staff to clean up while making your delicious grab-and-go meals.

It's a $250 one-time cost for existing Founding Owners. Cultivating Owners have all the same benefits as Founding Owners plus they'll be recognized in the store for their additional financial support.

Level up!

To verify you're an existing Owner, you'll be asked to login. Be sure to use the email you used when you became an Owner. Not sure which you used? Email us to ask.

Not yet an Owner? Now is a great time to invest in your community and become a Cultivating Owner.

You'll be recognized in the store and your Co-op will be better funded to grow!

One new Cultivating Owner stocks our store with four grocery carts or 36 of our hand shopping baskets.

Become a Cultivating Owner

Vision for change.

Chicago Market wants to change the way you shop for groceries. More than that, though, we want to change your relationship with food.

Food values.

You deserve a new kind of grocery-shopping experience — one packed with local, organic foods and imbued with a sense of community. One in which you know who produces the food that feeds your family.

Community values.

Chicago Market will be a community hub — a vibrant center of exceptional food, workshops, meetings, performances and more. And you, as a co-op stakeholder, will have a voice in all aspects of this community.

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