Chicago Market planned to be open in April 2020 in the Gerber Building. That is not going to happen as we have yet to begin construction. Our project has faced numerous challenges over the last six months that have pushed out that timeline. Working with our professional consultants, the Chicago Market Board of Directors identified these challenges to opening the store in the Gerber Building and the project as a whole:

  • Operational Feasibility
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Organizational Capacity
  • Funding Concerns

While a huge amount of progress has been made in designing the store and identifying the costs for build-out and equipment (all of which required significant time and spending for experts to do the design work), we do not have the funding to proceed with construction at this time.

The Board recently met with the CTA to let them know that the Board did not think the Gerber Building was going to work for us as a site. The CTA responded that they are very committed to the success of Chicago Market and would like to work with us to figure out a way to get the store to open in the Gerber Building, even though that meant a delayed timeframe. The Board is currently in negotiations with the CTA so we don't have details of what an agreement will look like or a guarantee that we can reach one, but we are as committed as ever to doing everything possible to get Chicago Market open.

While we are challenged by this site, we are doing our due diligence to prove it operationally and financially feasible. We are eager to move forward to realize our Vision of a better food community - local, sustainable, connected. Our Owners and supporters want a community hub that features local food, local ownership and local control of our food system. And we also want to act sustainably, reducing plastics and packaging and carefully managing food waste.

Connect with us over these shared values and let's build this together. You can help by becoming an Owner, Leveling Up your Ownership to the Cultivating level, donating or pledging a loan, volunteering, or considering a Board position and by sharing your enthusiasm for your Co-op with your friends and on social media.

We are stronger together and your Co-op needs you now more than ever!

To read our full announcement, click here. To read our Q&A, click here.

Vision for change.

Chicago Market wants to change the way you shop for groceries. More than that, though, we want to change your relationship with food.

Food values.

You deserve a new kind of grocery-shopping experience — one packed with local, organic foods and imbued with a sense of community. One in which you know who produces the food that feeds your family.

Community values.

Chicago Market will be a community hub — a vibrant center of exceptional food, workshops, meetings, performances and more. And you, as a co-op stakeholder, will have a voice in all aspects of this community.

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