Chicago Market wants to change the way you shop for groceries.

What is Chicago Market?

Chicago Market will be a big, bright, beautiful community-owned grocery store featuring local, sustainably farmed, organic produce, meat and dairy products, as well as all of the other staples you'd expect from your market—dry goods, bulk foods, frozen foods, wine, beer and liquor. We'll have delicious prepared foods and fresh-baked goods. Chicago Market will be a community asset where shoppers can enjoy the juice and coffee bar and learn through workshops and classes.

Located in the immaculately restored historic Gerber Building at the Wilson CTA Station in Uptown, Chicago Market will have approximately 13,000 square feet of retail space, a spacious parking lot and will be conveniently located for train and bus travelers.

Chicago Market will provide farm-to-table transparency about food, its origins and its processes. It will educate its community about nutrition, ingredient sourcing and methods of food production. The Market will support sustainability and integrity in all areas, including environmental stewardship, fair labor practices and cooperative principles. It will be devoted to the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Prosperity.

What is an Owner?

Chicago Market is member-owned, but open to everyone. Owners receive a variety of benefits—both in dollars and in control over the direction of the Market. You'll be a key player in building the co-op community and changing the local-food landscape.

Direct benefits.

  • An annual patronage refund of Co-op profits based on each Owner's spending.
  • Owner-only sales & specials.
  • Owner discounts on classes, workshops & special events.
  • An opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors, which will be responsible for hiring the general manager and steering the strategic direction of the Co-op.
  • A vote in choosing the Board of Directors.

Indirect benefits.

  • Giving great-paying jobs with benefits.
  • Giving support to our local farmers.
  • Giving the Earth a break through sustainable growing.
  • Giving your community a wonderful place to shop, an eclectic meeting spot, and an educational hub to learn about local, sustainable food.

Owner Rights and Responsibilities

Become an Owner

Mission and Purpose

We are building a better food community. Powered by our Owners, we create and strengthen local food connections that are honest, accessible, educational and inspiring. We are a cooperative grocery store and measure our success on a triple bottom-line: People, Planet, Prosperity—but more than that, we're a gathering place and vibrant community resource.


A better food community—
local, sustainable, connected.


Local. Sustainable. Yours.


We value: Relationships, Ownership, Sustainability, Justice, Accountability, and Joy.


Relationships are the core of our food community. We cultivate partnerships and community among our Owners, shoppers, vendors, local businesses, and organizations, chefs, restaurants, our city, and our neighborhood. Further, we regard our farmers, manufacturers, producers, and employees as valued members of our community.


Democratically led by our Owners, Chicago Market's success depends on the participation of each member of our community through Board and committee work, volunteer engagement, participating in the annual Owners meeting, and electing our Board. Founded on and operating by the core cooperative values and principles, we provide our community voice to build a democratic and equitable food community that has the power to change the local food landscape.


We support and promote sustainable agriculture, careful resource use, and environmental and economic sustainability. We incorporate these principles in everything we do, including our Purchasing Values, store design, and operations. We want to make buying decisions that are both sustainable for the Co-op but also for the suppliers and employees with whom we work.


Our Co-op advances personal, structural, and systemic justice for all our stakeholders. We recognize that many forms of discrimination and oppression exist and harm members of the communities we serve. As a food co-op created by and for the community, we are rooted in the pursuit of inclusivity and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone.


Chicago Market is accountable to our Owners, employees, vendors, community, and environment. We commit to fair labor standards, honest and financially responsible business practices, transparent communication, and continual improvement based on our community's feedback. We provide transparent information about who produced your food and how it was produced, so you can decide what you feed yourself and your family.


We share a passion for connecting with others over food that makes us feel great. Our facilities, events, and programs inspire and educate; they celebrate and incubate local food producers and new ideas. Chicago Market is a joyous place to shop and work and to gather in community.

Meet Our General Manager.

Where is Chicago Market?

Gerber Building Front Door and East Face

Chicago Market will be located in the former Wilson 'L' station, at the corner of Wilson and Broadway in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood.

The beautiful historic Gerber Building will provide a convenient shopping location for customers from all over the city, and will have easy access to transit as well as parking.

Map showing location of Geber building, and travels times from various locations by bike, train, and car

Growing Together

Owners Create Owners

Over 2,370 Owners have bought shares in the vision of Chicago Market. They are the building blocks of our dream grocery store. Curious about Chicago Market? Where will it be? How will this food Co-op become a reality? With your help to join and get more Owners. Click on our FAQs for detailed information. And, if you're already an Owner wanting to spread the word about Chicago Market, click here for our helpful Owner Toolkit.

Chicago Market Timeline.

We are at the point in our development where outside unknowns determine our opening date. We submitted for construction permits on March 15, 2024 and understand that process currently takes 6-8 weeks. When we have permits in hand and bank loan closed, we can begin construction, which we know takes 7-8 months. Follow Updates on our News section to learn the latest.

To see a visual map of our project's phases, our progress, and the next steps, click here.

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