April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Grant, Emily, Greg, Liat, Nisha, Daniel, Dan, Heather, Tony, Malcolm, Kelly, Mark, Karen
Absent: Anthony, Mike
Start time: 7 p.m.
Location: The Shift
Minutes recorded by: Heather

Grant began the meeting with a reminder: Our Board agreements call for us to respond to issues raised on Basecamp in 48 hours. It is our responsibility to respond to things in a timely fashion.

Malcolm: If you will be unavailable for an extended time, post it on the calendar.

Grant is working on criteria of what constitutes valid Board meeting content. He thanked teams for their check-ins online to make the meeting more efficient.

Daniel conducted officer elections. Four people were nominated for open officer positions (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer). None of the positions was contested and there were no further nominations. No vote was necessary. The new Board officers are: President, Grant; Vice President, Emily; Secretary, Heather; Treasurer, Greg.

Board governance (Mike) will work on further definition of officer roles, pursuant to the by-laws, which are in progress. 

The Board agreed that Marketing should announce the Board officers and update the website accordingly.

Karen updated the Board on the progress of the team goal-setting project. All but one team has completed at least a first draft of goals and timelines. She is compiling all of them into one Google document that will be viewable by all on the Board. 

Karen will next focus on helping teams secure the necessary volunteers to accomplish their goals. Each team should create "job descriptions" listing the responsibilities and qualifications for each of their volunteer openings, keeping in mind how these positions will help each team reach their goals. 

Karen: When creating conversations on Basecamp, you must actively "loop in" people to be part of the conversation. It's wise to also put their name in the headline of the conversation. This practice will be revisited in the future to ensure that it is working. 

Grant: If you've started a Basecamp thread, it's your responsibility to see it through to completion. 

Kelly updated the Board about an Owner who requested a refund because of personal reasons. The Board discussed creating a policy surrounding Owner refunds. It was generally agreed that the Ownership team should be able to refund up to five Owners per month. But a policy is needed. Kelly will draft one and post it to Basecamp for a vote. It was agreed that this would be an internal Board policy, not promoted publicly.

Mark: We should be sure to conduct an exit interview of anyone who requests a refund.

Daniel discussed the need for outside funding. The Board agreed that much is contingent on securing a site for the co-op. We won't know how much money is needed until that is done. 

Malcolm: The site will be the biggest driver of the budget.

Greg will make a broad timeline, incorporating all of the goals from all teams to create a comprehensive long-term calendar. 

Greg: We should be prepared to act right away to secure funding once a site is found. We need to set up systems beforehand. 

Mark did not agree that we should wait to solicit outside funding until the after the site was found and asked to convene a meeting to discuss different approaches to securing outside funding and the timing of those activities.

Greg noted that small-group LTSD meetings designed to talk about Committee goals and funding are being planned. And he hoped those would address some of Mark's concerns. 

All agreed those meetings should begin now, as well as talks of starting another ownership campaign. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m. 

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