Board Changes

Chicago Market's Board of Directors is sad to see a longtime member go. But we're happy to welcome the co-op's founder back to a role on the Board. 

Tony Neuhoff has been involved with Chicago Market since its earliest days. An attorney, he served on Chicago Market's Steering Committee (the leadership group that pre-dated the Board) with a particular focus on legal and legislative issues. He is known for his quiet demeanor, thoughtful questions and organized problem-solving. 

Tony decided recently to step down from the Board.

Pursuant to our bylaws, the Board voted to have Gregory Berlowitz fill his position, which expires in August 2017. Greg is well-known to anyone who has followed Chicago Market. He's the co-op's founder, the one who came up with this grand idea to start a local food co-op on the city's north side.

Greg stepped down from the Board to take on a paid role as the co-op's funding director. After much hard work to secure Chicago Market's position with a wide variety of funding sources around Chicago and the nation, Greg is returning to the Board to help steer the strategic vision and help make our dream grocery store a reality.






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