Bob Zeni Tomatoes

Master Gardener Bob Zeni will be bringing his heirloom tomato seedlings to Chicago Market's Spring Co-op Pop-Up on Saturday, April 29.

All seedlings are home-grown, without pesticides, herbicides or growth treatments. They are 24" tall and ready to transplant into your home garden!


We all know heirlooms offer taste, texture and color that's just not available from traditional grocery stores or big-ag farms.

Check out the wonderful variety Bob will have available for sale: Amana Orange, Amish Gold, Amish Paste, Arkansas Marvel, Arkansas Traveler, Armenian, Basinga, Black Cherry, Black Ethiopian, Black Krim, Black Zebra, Blondkopfchen, Box Car Willie, Brandywine, Brimmer, Chadwick Cherry, Cherokee Purple, COPIA, Dixie Golden Giant, Giant Red Oxheart, Green Grape, Green Zebra, Gregori's Altai, Hillbilly, Indigo Apple, Italian Tree, Lemony, Lollipop, Merrill Schulz, Minibel, Mortgage Lifter, Pink Ping Pong, Principe Borghese, Pruden’s Purple, San Marzano Redorta, Thessalonoiki, Tula Black, Watermelon Beefsteak, Yellow Marble, Yellow Pear.

And if you want to learn more about Bob, check out last April's Chicago Market newsletter.

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