Cheers to Our First Board 'Meeting'



Your new Chicago Market Board of Directors had a great time getting to know one another last night at Uncommon Ground on Clark Street. Our first official Board meeting is later this month, but we toasted our new group with locally brewed Greenstar Brewing beers at this informal meet-and-greet. 

After all these months as a Steering Committee saying "that will be decided once we have a Board," it was wonderfully energizing to see this collection of smart, talented people -- Chicago Market's Board -- gathered around a table. 

Even though this was more of a social meeting, we bounced around co-op funding ideas, talked about the state's co-op laws and discussed possible locations for Chicago Market. 

Your dream grocery store is becoming a reality. 

Curious about Chicago Market's new Board members? You'll find information about all of them on our About page. 

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