Chicago Market Receives Chicago Region Food System Fund Grant

Chicago Market is proud to announce that we've been awarded a $75,000 grant from the Chicago Region Food System Fund to support our work building long-term food system resilience in our region.

"(Chicago, IL – April 19, 2021) The Chicago Region Food System Fund today announced a round of grants to support long-term food system resilience. Forty-eight grantees received a total of $2,943,400 in this round. Since June 2020, the Fund has addressed hunger and business disruption in and around Chicago by bolstering the region’s communities and local food system in response to COVID-19 and other systemic shocks."

More outlets for farmers and producers to reach consumers builds resilience. Opening Chicago Market's doors, with our focus on local, will create a large-volume marketplace for our region's growers and producers. We'll provide a steady and stable avenue for local producers to connect with consumers who seek a more sustainable solution to big box grocery.

By investing at this stage of the project, CRFSF is funding critical foundational aspects of the project - project management by our general manager; construction management by our Owner's Representative; architectural and engineering design; and an updated market study to meet bank loan needs.

"We are grateful for this grant and the opportunity it affords us to build even more momentum toward opening our store. Local, small enterprises like ours play an outsized role in community economic health. Further, our business model is built upon concepts like equity, equality, self-help, and social responsibility. There is no doubt that Chicago Market can help build a resilient and inclusive food system, and this grant helps us accelerate that important work. Thank you, CRFSF!"

- Dan Arnett, general manager

Now it's your chance to join with Dan, the Chicago Region Food System Fund, and all of us at Chicago Market to help create a more resilient food system. COVID showed us that a diversified food system with larger amounts of local production can be more responsive to shocks and disruptions. YOU can be a part of strengthening this resilience today:

Your donations can be one-time or recurring, AND, they can even be tax-deductible.

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