Chicago Market: So Many #reasons2own


When I first heard about Chicago Market in summer 2014, I had so many #reasons2own. What excited me most was the idea of having access to local produce and relationships with local farmers seven days a week, all year long. It was this vision that compelled me to become an Owner, then to volunteer with the Marketing and Owner Engagement committees, and recently, to make the investment and commitment to join the Board. 

In 2015, Chicago Market made incredible strides towards its goal of opening a bright, beautiful, local, sustainable food co-op.  We’ve held fun, successful events, grown to more than 700 Owners, and we’re making rapid progress with site selection and fundraising. It takes a giant amount of effort to start any retail business, but especially one as ambitious as our vision – bigger than most grocery co-ops, and in an expensive and competitive urban city.  

And that’s why your participation is so, so critical in 2016 – so the store we believe in can become a reality. If you’ve considered becoming an Owner but haven’t yet, it’s the time to join.  

We need your help to grow our ownership by sharing Chicago Market with your friends and neighbors. We need your expertise to staff volunteer positions. And we’ll need your backing when we launch our Owner Loan Campaign this year to help fund opening operations.   

There are so many #reasons2own. What are yours?

Not sure where to start in 2016? Ask whether Chicago Market can join your community events. Host a small-group session for your circle of friends. We have 12 committees, ranging from Marketing to Finance & Funding to Community Outreach. Most of all, join us today. Co-op Owners pay $250 just once and are lifelong members of this local, sustainable and transparent community. 

I look forward to working and growing together in 2016.  Wishing you a very happy New Year!

 In co-operation,



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