Chicago Meat Collective Joins SHOP


Meat Shares on sale in June through SHOP

What is a Meat Share? Meat shares are a bulk buying option geared towards city dwellers. The Chicago Meat Collective purchases whole animals from local farms and breaks them down into equal shares each featuring a variety of cuts from all over the animal. We offer 15 pound and 8 pound shares, priced at a flat rate - allowing you to get the freshest, locally and humanely raised meat at the best possible price.

Why Meat Shares?
 Buying a meat share supports the farmer, the Chicago Meat Collective and Chicago Market. Meat shares give us each an opportunity to do what we do best, and to bring that straight to you by putting together a package of the most sustainably raised, beautifully butchered, locally sourced meat out there, at below retail prices.

How do I buy a Meat Share? Let CMC curate a full or half size box of beef, pork, and lamb from our freezer inventory! Orders can be placed online directly through CMC. Each box will have a mix of premium cuts like chops and steaks, roasts, as well as ground meat. Boxes will be available to pick up during the monthly SHOP pickup (third Sunday of every month, 11am to 3pm).

Farms include:
La Pryor Farm - Ottawa, Illinois - pork, beef
Gunthorp Farms - La Grange, Indiana - chicken, duck
Kilgus Farmstead - Fairbury, Illinois - lamb
Timberfeast - pork, chicken, beef

A link for purchase will be available soon, but if you have any questions please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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