January 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Location: Home of Karen Jacobs

Time: 7-9pm
Acting chair: Grant
Minutes: Heather

In attendance: Mark, Greg, Nisha, Emily, Daniel F., Malcolm, Karen, Grant, Heather, Dan M., Tony, Liat, Mike, Anthony



Your goal is to give yourself to-dos and get them into Basecamp. This is a meeting that is supposed to launch activity.



Shared the organizational history of Chicago Market. 


In the co-op's first two meetings, 140 people came. He asked people to identify how they wanted to work on co-op. Forty people said they wanted to help. Some of that initial group became the launch team. By June of 2013, the Steering Committee began.  


Decided we didn't want to be like other co-ops where membership historically trickled: Let's not accidentally build this co-op, they said. We need designer and marketing. Which meant we needed money -- for the website and printed materials. 


In December of 2013 and January of 2014, we asked SloFIG for a loan of $50,000 to help launch our 1,000 in 100 campaign -- largely to pay Firebelly Design. Promised to re-pay on day 101 of the campaign. 


We created leadership team and then a new steering committee before the start of the June 15 campaign. We also hired an organizer, our only paid position to date. The summer was jam-packed, with much media and many events, resulting in more than 600 Owners by the end. 

By September of 2014, work began to build the Board. 


Dozens of businesses showed their faith in the co-op by donating goods and services. 


Legally, we remain Chicago Cooperative.


We're currently being approached by neighborhood Chambers about possible spaces. 


In 2014, we also worked on our mission and vision over six months. We looked at strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. 


Our vision: An honest food community.


We're building a community around food that's going to tell the truth.



It's clear people want more than a grocery store. They want a community with performance space, gardening, cafe, etc.



Explains World Cafe exercise at early meeting -- What must this co-op be to you? What's your deal breaker? Many of those same issues are reflected in our mission. 


Discussed our objectives -- priorities for the next two years. Much discussion followed about the lack of overt mention to the opening of the store. Some said that was implied; others said it should be more explicit. Perhaps we will re-write the objectives to note the store opening? ((IS SOMEONE ACTIVELY WORKING ON THIS?))



Discussed board committees and subcommittees. We need a snowflake model, with many more volunteers receiving proper guidance to do these tasks. 


Malcolm: We want our community helping to build this dream grocery store.

Anthony: We need to recruit and nurture volunteers. 


Karen: What is the difference between a committee, sub-committee and department?

Grant: if it's on the board level we are committee, we might make subcommittee then there are departments that are overseen by the board.


Grant: We need a board sub-committee that will look at governance and structure.


Board structure:

Anthony: Start thinking about where you want to be in committees, departments. 

Malcolm: Or do you want to help others get in groups where they belong?

Greg: How will we operate day to day. Our governance. The dominant structure is policy governance in which the board creates policies, different categories and then the GM carries them out. All of the successful co-ops do this. 

We have created Basecamp procedures for how things flow. Be aware of that. There's a board agreement. That will govern coming to meetings, be kind, do what we say we will do, be honest, confidential, decision making, how to reach consensus, bylaws.


Structure and leadership want solidified by next meeting.


Greg will be leading long-term strategic questions about roles and structure. 


Karen wants to create a to-do to go through the steering committee project on Basecamp and figure out what should be downloaded and given to board. It was decided that Board members will all receive access to the old Steering Committee project. 



Goal tonight is a board subcommittee should start meeting to work on bylaws. Tony, Mike, Daniel, with Greg assisting, volunteered for this new bylaw subcommittee. 


Anthony: Jump into any role you want. 

Malcolm: Focus should be on org structure.

Liat : We should start volunteer organizing now. 



Anthony: Previous Steering Committee members are continuing to do tasks in service of Chicago Market. We need to have board ratification that people continue doing what they're doing. This was ratified by the Board.



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