Launch Board FAQ

What does the Board do?

Chicago Market's launch Board will set forth all of the policies and procedures to govern the food co-op as it evolves. The Board will create a site-selection committee, choose purveyors, recruit Owners, hire employees, work with the marketing team and much more. This launch Board will be a hands-on group focused on completing all of the tasks that will lead to the opening of the food co-op. Members of the Board will have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the organization and to oversee finances and all business operations.

How many seats are on the Board?

There will be 15 seats on the launch Board, including a slate of many of the original Steering Committee members who will provide continuity in the organization's leadership. 

How long is the Board term? 

We ask Board members for a two-year commitment.

Who can run for the Board? 

Any Chicago Market Owner in good standing who meets the qualifications set forth on the Board of Directors application.

How much time will Board members be expected to devote?

Board members should plan on committing at least five hours per week to co-op-related work. They must be available for one-to-two monthly Board meetings. And they must be willing and able to participate in other Chicago Market events.

Are Board members compensated? 

No. This is an all-volunteer Board. 

How is the Board elected? 

All Owners in good standing will be given the opportunity to vote for Board members. Voting will be conducted securely online. Ballots will be emailed to Owners in early December and election results will be announced in mid December. 

What skills do Board members need? 

To build this co-op, we need a Board with diverse expertise and interests. There are no particular requirements other than a willingness to work hard and cooperatively. There is a need, however, for individuals with a financial or accounting background, and managerial or entrepreneurial expertise.  All Board members should be online-proficient, have ready access to a computer and be ready and willing to use Chicago Market's online tools.

Can I play a leadership role without being a Board member?

Yes!  The best way to do that is to start by volunteering.  Send us an email to find out more and keep an eye out for volunteer requests.

Will Board members be subject to a screening process?

While there will not be a formal screening process, we encourage every Board applicant to attend one of our Board candidate informational sessions, or if that is not possible, to meet with a current Steering Committee member.  Informational sessions have been scheduled for November 9 and 20.

More questions?

E-mail [email protected].

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