May 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Grant, Emily, Greg, Nisha, Daniel, Dan, Heather, Tony, Malcolm, Kelly, Mark, Karen, Mike (via phone)

Absent: Dan, Liat
Start time: 7 p.m.
Location: Karen's house
Minutes recorded by: Heather


Grant congratulated Kelly and her team on their recent initiatives with the Montalbano CSA and the farm camp. He also congratulated Karen's team on their hard work. 


Greg presented a financial report.

Finance meeting discussed: banks, local purchasing, check-writing authorizations, financial reporting process, expense reimbursement. 

 Malcolm requested the financial summary be posted before each meeting. 

 Meg is working on procedures surrounding expenses. 


Greg presented a funding report:

It was agreed at the funding meeting that a high-level working budget is needed before we take any high-level meetings. The budget should include our projections, cash flow, expected ownership numbers and more. 


It's expected we will need $5 million to open a store, though that number will change. We estimate we will need 4,000 Owners to open. Greg says we will have real numbers in less than a month. 


Greg: Getting Owners is our No. 1 priority right now. 


Kelly: Since the info sessions were so successful (with a high Owner conversion rate) let's change the Coffee & Conversation sessions to info sessions. The Board agreed to convert Coffee & Conversation to info sessions, perhaps adding a value-add, like food and drink. 


Anthony: With brand training, we are building volunteers who can do tabling and also lead info sessions. But, for the first few weeks of the summer, the Board will need to step up. 


Mike addressed the bylaws. A vote was held to decide whether our mission should be made public. The vote did not pass; the mission will not be written into the bylaws. (This does not mean the mission won't be made public in some other fashion. LTSD will discuss this.)


Mike says bylaws can be done by the July meeting, to be voted on in August or September by Owners. 


We will vote via Basecamp on other outstanding bylaw issues.


Greg discussed the Board "code of conduct." Remember that everyone here is a volunteer; things take time. Let the public know we're all volunteers, too. 


If conflicts arise, make a phone call or meet in person; don't rely on Basecamp. 


Karen reminded us that all Chicago Market correspondence should be via our .coop email addresses. (But, also, all of this will show up in Nationbuilder, so be mindful.)


We agreed to create a "special handling" tag in Nationbuilder for especially good -- or especially difficult volunteers. 


Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m., followed by a brief celebration to wish Nisha well as she moves to San Francisco. 


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