Meet the Owner: Heather Lalley



This is the first in an ongoing series of profiles of Chicago Market Owners telling us why the co-op is important to them. 

We've lost our way when it comes to food. Used to be, we knew who grew our green beans, who raised our steaks, who baked our bread. That's rare today. We're rushing through drive-throughs, clicking a few buttons online for pizza, popping open a bag of whatever. I have two kids and work part-time and it's so easy to fall into those routines. 

That's why I'm so passionate about Chicago Market. I see a place where I can take my kids to shop and they'll learn the name of the person who grew their raspberries. A place where we'll all be able to take classes to learn more about preparing food. A place where I can trust that words like "local," "sustainable," and "organic" are more than buzzwords. 

Eating this way doesn't have to be expensive. I'm excited that our community will be able to harness the buying power of the co-op to help support farmers, workers and shoppers. 

So, that's my story.

Tell us below why you're a Chicago Market Owner, or why you hope to become one soon.

 Heather Lalley is a freelance writer and mom who lives in North Center. She's the author of the farm-to-table cookbook, "The Chicago Homegrown Cookbook," which profiles Chicago chefs who work with local farmers. Follow her on Twitter @flourgrrrl.

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