Chicago Market Pop-Up Rules and Regulations - Up & Under Fest 2018

Thank you for being a Pop-Up Vendor!

The purpose of the Chicago Market Pop-Up series is to show our Owners and potential new Owners the products we want to sell and the businesses we want to partner with in our forthcoming grocery store. In order to help us defray the costs of the Pop-Up, we ask that each vendor pay $40 to participate, payable online.

Below are some rules and regulations we ask that you follow in order to participate in our Pop-Ups:

Cancellation Fee and Cancellation Policy:

There is a "No Show and Late Cancellation Fee" policy that will result in a $100 dollar fee if you cancel your participation less than 2 weeks prior to the event or do not show up. Vendors who cancel their participation at least 2 weeks in advance will not be charged a fee. Timely cancellation will allow Chicago Market to find a replacement vendor.

Chicago Market Pop-Up Vendor Information Form Submission:

The Vendor Information Form, company logos, and business photos must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event to allow for Chicago Market to print necessary marketing material.

Certificate of Liability Insurance:

All vendors must have a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy listing Chicago Market and the venue property owner as additional insured. It must have a minimum coverage of $1 million per occurrence.

Wilson Underline
c/o Uptown United
4753 N. Broadway
Suite 822
Chicago, IL 60640

Chicago Market Co-Op
c/o Gregory Berlowitz
6559 N. Bosworth
Chicago, IL 60626

Set-up and Take-down:

All vendors must provide their own table and tent. If special arrangements for a table are needed, please let Chicago Market know immediately.

All vendors must be at the venue no later than 30 minutes before the start of the event in order for the table and produce/goods to be set-up.

The Pop-Up venue must be cleared 30 minutes after the end of the event.


Vendors are responsible for finding a parking space (if not communicated otherwise). Please make sure to arrive well ahead to allow for enough time to find a parking space and set up your table before the start of the Pop-Up event.

Food Samples at the Pop-Up:

Please make sure to bring your Food License if you’re planning to offer samples and to indicate in the Chicago Market Pop-Up Vendor Information Form if you intend to do so.

Zero Waste:

Chicago Market seeks to minimize waste at all events. Waste Not Compost will be at Up & Under composting and recycling all waste. In an effort to keep the footprint at Up & Under minimal, Chicago Market will be providing all compostable dishes, cups and silverware for vendors. Please do not bring single use plastic to this event.

Chicago Market has proudly Shedd the Straw! Please do not use or bring single use plastic straws to this event. Chicago Market will have some environmentally-friendly straws on hand for those who need them.

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