Site Selection Criteria


Chicago Market is moving forward at an exciting pace!  We're checking out sites, interviewing real estate agents and setting procurement policies.  In order to give our Owners more information about what we're up to, we've asked some of our Board Members to give updates on their activities.

This update is from Dan Miller, on Site Selection and Design. Dan has been hard at work trying to figure out how we pick the perfect site and what the store will look like once it's open.

My team has come up with a mission-driven set of site selection criteria we are using as we begin to look at possible sites for the new store. We’ve already used these criteria to evaluate several sites we’ve had our eyes on.  


We’ve also been working on a program for the building: a description of the store in terms of what’s in it, a sort of road map to provide our (future) architect to help with the design process and help ensure that our vision is translated properly. 

 The store needs to have space for produce, meats, bakery goods, a deli full of delicious fresh prepared dishes, a place for cooking classes and cookbooks, and also the nuts and bolts of a store such as janitor’s closet, staff lockers, a welcome desk and shopping carts. 

 We are also starting to develop a list of possible architects so that once we have narrowed our site selection down to  a couple of choices , the architect can be on hand to help us with final evaluations and selection.


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