Stay Hydrated While Supporting Chicago Market


It's like that scene from the Steve Martin classic "The Jerk," where he runs around screaming "The new phonebook is here! The new phonebook is here!"

We had that same level of excitement at Chicago Market HQ when we caught our first glimpses of our shiny, new branded water bottles. 

Says co-op Marketing Manager Anthony Todd:

"While Chicago Market is searching for a location, we want to give people as many ways to show their co-op pride as possible."

You know you want one, right?

Even better, Owners get them for the discounted price of $10 ($12 for non-Owners).

You'll find Chicago Market water bottles for sale at most of our upcoming events this summer. Or, reach out to a Chicago Market Board member and we'll find a way to get one (or a dozen ...) to you.

Here's our Organizational Development team showing off their shiny, new water bottles:


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