Store Department: Wellness

We've been asked, "What are the plans for Chicago Market's wellness department?"

So we interviewed our General Manager, Dan Arnett, to get answers.

Dan plans for our Wellness Department to carry a full line of body care as well as a full selection of supplements. He also noted our bulk herbs and spices section will include some medicinal items as well. 

And like all store stocking, the Wellness Department will adhere to our Purchasing Values, which means we'll prioritize local products where possible; we'll opt for sustainable choices; and we'll strive for strong relationships with our vendors and producers. 

A few more thoughts on each of those areas:


 The same way we support careful standards for what we put "in" our bodies should be applied to what we put "on" them.

 We'll carry clean, cruelty-free items, and support fair trade and local producers.

 We'll choose sustainable and regenerative agriculture whenever possible.

 We'll work to minimize packaging through refillable bottles and bulk options.

 We'll offer affordable, clean bulk choices for things like shampoo, conditioner, bath salts, etc.



 We'll carry a full selection of vitamins, minerals, multi-vitamins.

 They'll be highly bio-available and efficacious items.

 There will be options for vegans.

 We'll choose brands with rigorous testing that we can build a relationship with.

 And special order options will be available too.



 We'll carry fresh, potent teas, as well as body care substrates (like bee's wax, clay) to make your own.

 We'll prioritize sustainable, regenerative practices and fair trade where possible.

 Items will be traceable, and from producers we'll have meaningful relationships with.

 Frontier Co-op — headquartered nearby in Iowa — will be the backbone of our program. 

Speaking of store departments, don't miss Dan in this short video:

Store Department: Produce

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