Update: Chicago Market joins a co-op

What is a 'secondary purchasing co-op' and why is Chicago Market joining one? Who is INFRA?

Answers to those questions and more from our GM, Dan Arnett and the President and CEO of INFRA, Pat Sheridan, in this short (2 min+) video!

Thank you, INFRA!

Prefer your answers in text? Here you go:

INFRA is the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association. They are a cooperatively formed group of over 300 grocers around the country who pool knowledge and buying power. 

Buying power means we can lower prices for all our shoppers on the groceries we want — natural, organic foods, and household cleaning and paper products too.

Being members of INFRA also means powerful access to peer networking, professional support, and data and tools for our staff to run an amazing store.

As Dan says:

"It's wise to learn from your own experience; it's a lot wiser to learn from the experience of hundreds of natural foods retailers put together."

And, they're a co-op! We love co-ops and are proud to be joining theirs!

We have an ongoing series of short videos that update you on our latest progress, so be sure to watch them all here:

Updates on YouTube

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