Values: Fair Trade

We're a grocery store dedicated to carrying as much local food as possible. But we also plan to be a full-service grocery store that carries coffee, chocolate, olive oil, wine, and more from the Global South. 

So how do we ensure our values align when we stock from further away?

Fair trade!

Fair trade certifications on products like these help our staff and our shoppers know that the foods we're buying meet our values. Our GM, Dan Arnett, is also the President and Chair of Fairtrade America and he explains fair trade and how it ties in to Chicago Market in this short video:

A few highlights:

 Fair trade addresses systemic oppression and economic imbalance of power.

 It ensures a floor price for growers. 

 And it sets a premium above that which allows for community investment.

 It has environmental standards, social standards, and assures women's access to education.

 It includes strong stances against child and slave labor.

 And it aligns with Chicago Market's values of sustainability, ownership, justice, and joy.


"I'm really proud of our cooperative store for having the commitment to fair trade principles. It matters to people."

- Dan Arnett, Chicago Market General Manager


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