You like making things happen but you can’t commit to regular meetings at this time. Maybe you’re only looking for stuff you can do at home, flexible time or on your own. Or maybe you just wanna graze across teams - a project here, a project there - before you lock in on an ongoing role.


You enjoy getting to know & work with other folks who share your interests & values, as much as you enjoy the work! You’d love to solve a problem, create a new thing, be part of an event or a team project that lets you make new friends. Maybe you’d even like to play a Team Captain role.


Street festivals, community fairs, farmers markets are your thing! You’re assertive, curious, you love meeting new people and you’d love to share your passion for Chicago Market -- answer folks’ questions, help them sign up to learn more, be volunteers, become Owners!


You’re already deeply connected to a passion or another community that you can see “fits” with Chicago Market. You’re outgoing, energetic, creative and you’re willing to help create ideas, make introductions, recruit new Owners. You want to find ways to build bridges between Chicago Market and other communities that share our values.


You’ve got a particular area of experience or expertise that would be great for us to tap into, as we look make our store a reality! Maybe it’s real estate, or fundraising, or store design or grocery buying or website analytics or prepared foods production...You’re willing to share your ideas, your wisdom, helpful contacts and maybe even help us research or make decisions. We may not call on you right away, but you’re cool letting us know it’s okay to call when we’re ready...

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