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Weekly Update for 1/4/16 to 1/10/16:

Added three new Board members to fill vacant seats

SuperTeam meeting of Content, Marketing, Owner Engagement, Owner Recruitment teams and more to discuss marketing and recruitment strategies for coming months

Grocery Logistics team members attended a day-long workshop on local-food distribution. The team also met with a farmer who has a successful aggregation model that combines food from other farmers and distributes to dozens of area restaurants. They also met with a potential delivery/distribution partner to discuss collaboration. Grocery Logistics team members are registered to attend Natural Products Expo West in February to learn about food trends and technology and spread the word that we're looking for a General Manager. 

Architecture and Site Selection finished reviewing code requirements for the store and arranged a meeting with a potential contractor.

Data analysis project started for Owner Recruitment and Engagement

Brought on a new volunteer for Owner Engagement

IT completed website changes to better support business owners

Events began planning the next Chicago Market pop-up event

Database updates were completed to allow for more targeted and efficient emails

Funding and finance meeting to set new ownership goals

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