Why the 'Breakfast Queen' Supports Chicago Market



Chef Ina Pinkney, a Chicago Market Owner, with Market founder Greg Berlowitz.


Dear Friend,

My name is Ina Pinkney, and for 23 years, I served breakfast to the people of Chicago at Ina’s. I’ve been on television, cooked for celebrities, ran for mayor and written a book. I’m also proud to be an Owner of Chicago Market.


As a member of Chicago’s restaurant community for 23 years, I always led the way on both food and social issues that affected us all.

In 2005, as co-founder of the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition, I helped organize chefs and restaurateurs to pass the smoking ban in Chicago. Now, we’re organizing to fight the use of antibiotics by industrial meet producers.

I followed the same ethos in my restaurant. When I put on my chef's jacket every day for those 23 years, it was my clear commitment to serve safe and healthy food in a safe and healthy environment. The decisions I made about the ingredients we used were carefully considered, and everything was carefully sourced. We were one of the first to use transfat-free oil and pasteurized eggs. I know that it’s important to know what you are eating.

Joining Chicago Market’s community of mindful people who want to shop and support a store that will be run by an elected board, chosen by its members, and will inform, educate and delight all who shop there, is a natural extension of my mission and my career. That’s why I’m proud to be an Owner of Chicago Market.

My Mantra: We see and act on the future. Our eyes are focused on where the puck is going!


Join me. Become an Owner today,

Ina Pinkney

Chef and Restauranteur


Learn more about Ina’s life, recipes and journey from Brooklyn to breakfast in her new book, Taste Memories. 

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