A Different Kind of Update - November 21, 2020

Sometimes it’s the very small things that impact you the most and that happened to me recently. 

In an online chat on Basecamp, where Chicago Market Board and volunteers work together, fellow Board member James Gignac made a comment to the folks on the To Market, To Market team in support of their work recently to help our farmers and food producers sell their goods:

“I've recently converted to quick rolled oats for my breakfast of choice and using Pecatonica honey to sweeten.”

I was extremely touched when I saw this. 

Why? Because it is the very root of why we all are doing this. The core reason for Chicago Market coming into existence is to make local foods more readily accessible and to forge those meaningful connections between eater and producer. 

James’ exposure through Chicago Market to Hazzard Free Farm’s oats and to Pecatonica River Honey has caused his breakfast to shift to local foods he wasn’t eating before. THIS IS WHAT WE ALL WANT TO SEE HAPPEN. This tiny example is our Vision in action. And Chicago Market, both now and once we’re an open grocery store, is made up of a lot of these little connections. 

It inspired me to see it. To be reminded of the incredible value of our Co-op. And I hope it inspires you too. 

The Board has been emailing you regular updates about our operational progress. I thought this time you should see a different kind of progress that’s happening too!

And remember, all of this progress happens because of YOU. Owners empower all our activities and progress, small and large, and YOU have influenced James' breakfast! Or, if you're not yet an Owner, join today and YOU can be the one making impact like this; you can be the one influencing James' breakfast!

All of our progress has value and aligns with our Vision of a better food community – local, sustainable, connected. 

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