Agenda and Pre-Reading for December 01, 2021 Chicago Market Board Meeting

Vision: A better food community - local, sustainable, connected.


  • Defining Board-level Discussions - Board
  • Group Working Agreements
    •   - Have Patience
    •   - Be Flexible
    •   - Set Clear Expectations
    •   - Remember the Big Picture
    •   - Say What We Mean, Mean What We Say (But Don't Say It Mean)
    •   - Understand Majority Rules, But Value Minority Opinions Too
    •   - Stay Passionate, But Practical
    •   - [Meeting Organizers] Have An Agenda & Be Respectful of Each Other's Time
    •   - Be Transparent, Yet Respectful
    •   - Say If We Are Swamped
    •   - Monitor Our Follow-Through and Be Accountable
  • Mission, Vision and Values

Meeting Agenda:

  • 5-10 Min
  • TOPIC(s): Intro & Housekeeping
  • PRESENTER: President
  • OUTCOME: Connected, inspired, ready for productive meeting
  • ACTION/INTENTION: Clarify meeting protocols
  • Zoom notes to Board Members:
    •   - Please turn your video on so you are visible and representing to Owners
    •   - Please also click the button upper right in your video box to edit your name so people know who you are in the meeting
  • Zoom mechanics briefing for Owners:
    •   -- We've muted all participants upon entry to minimize background noises that will allow everyone to clearly hear the current speaker; We're asking that you please use the chat tool or raise your hand in order to ask a question.
    •   -- We do have an Owners Forum section planned in the meeting, so post your questions along the way and if we don't get to them in real time, we'll be sure to cover them in that section of the Agenda.
    •   -- If you have a comment or suggestion that doesn't need discussion but you want to pass something along to us, the chat tool is great for that as well. Or, you are welcome to email the board at [email protected] with any additional thoughts or questions after this meeting. 
  • Updates from the President
  • Consent Agenda Vote (if required)

  • 10 min
  • TOPIC: Cultivating Connections
  • OUTCOME: Knowing each other better
  • ACTION/INTENTION: Connecting further within the Board

  • 10 min
  • TOPIC: Team Meeting Reports/Notes
  • PRESENTER: President
  • OUTCOME: Clarity; Board is informed across teams
  • ACTION/INTENTION: Confirm everyone has read them; are they in compliance? questions? follow up?
    • -- Confirm everyone has read them; are they in compliance? (see below) Questions? Follow-ups needed?
    • -- Consider policy governance reporting questions:
      • ---- Interpretation - is the team's interpretation of the charter policy reasonable? (Is their interpretation fair and sensible, based on sound judgement?)
      • ---- Data Adequacy - is the data provided adequate for the Board to determine if the team has met the interpretation and is compliant/successful?
      • ---- Demonstration - does the data prove/demonstrate compliance/success?

  • 10 min
  • TOPIC: Board Meeting Topics/Structure
  • PRESENTER: Matthew
  • OUTCOME: General agreement on ways to better utilize board meeting time - - and consensus to continue digging into this for future board meetings and BC posts
  • ACTION/INTENTION: Matthew to provide thoughts on how (he feels) Board meetings and team approaches to items like motions, actions, etc. can/should be handled.

  • 5 min
  • TOPIC: Owner Payment Clean-up Project Update
  • OUTCOME:  Awareness; possible need for additional resources
  • ACTION/INTENTION: Advise board of payment plan cleanup project

  • 15 min
  • TOPIC: GM Report
  • PRESENTER: Daniel
  • OUTCOME: General understanding on update
  • ACTION/INTENTION: Daniel to provide board with updates of his actions taken and plans for next few weeks

  • 10 min
  • TOPIC: Owner Forum
  • ACTION/INTENTION: Hear owner thoughts/concerns, answer questions.

  • 45 min
  • TOPIC: Scholarship Listening Session
  • PRESENTER: Grant
  • OUTCOME: Scholarship team informed of Board wants/needs/questions and able to go away to solve and bring back official motion
  • ACTION/INTENTION: Listening / working (as needed) session to ensure the Scholarship team is aware of any/all Board concerns so they are able to create a program which addresses as many as possible, and bring back an official motion.

  • Move to conclude open session and move to executive session (if needed)

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