Excited for a one-stop shop for all my healthy needs!

When I became a parent, I all of a sudden became much more aware and concerned about healthy eating for myself and my children.  I sought out farmers' markets, CSAs, organic meat-buying clubs, and specialty stores to find foods that were healthy and environmentally sourced. But all that seeking and shopping takes time and effort.  It's been a patchwork affair at best, and I often run out of time and end up buying whatever's closest and easiest, much to my regret.

So as a very busy parent who cares a lot about what my family eats and where that food comes from, I am enthusiastic about a one-stop shop in or near my neighborhood that can be my source for good organic milk and produce all year round, meat from farmers I trust, and all the other little things like cereal and bread and vitamins that we need all year long.  And with prices that don't make me cringe!  And I am excited that I'll be an owner and can inform decisions on what should be carried in the store to best meet my needs.

Chicago's north side is dying for a cooperative grocery store - I can't wait! 


Mother, educator, volunteer, runner, amateur cook,...

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