Introducing Our Partnership With Seedling Fruit: Apple-ween

Our To Market, To Market volunteer team is excited to continue to bring you opportunities to buy amazing products from local farmers. While, in the past, we may have been able to host big pop-up events and ask you to come mingle in the space, during these times we are finding new ways to introduce farmers to you. We’re happy to introduce you to Peter Klein from Seedling Fruit.

Peter started in the restaurant industry before becoming a farmer himself and, while there, always had a keen eye for the most amazing fruit he could use. This quest for the best brought him to farmers markets throughout the country, and allowed him to forge amazing relationships with the farmers themselves. When an opportunity to jump into the game with both feet came up, he did! Peter is now running Seedling’s 81+ acre farm in South Haven, MI.

Peter is no stranger to Chicago, even with his farm in Michigan. In addition to being a longtime supplier to Chicago restaurants, he is a regular at many amazing markets such as Green City and Wicker Park for years! And Peter is proud to be a Chicago Market Owner. Seedling has participated in our Pop-Ups in the past - and will again in the future!  

With lower farmers market volume than in previous years — and a spectacular apple crop this year, Peter reached out to the To Market, To Market team. He was impressed with Chicago Market’s ability to connect farmer to consumer - as many have seen when we introduced Hazzard Free Farm to our Owners in the past few weeks. We continue our work with Peter and Seedling, and are excited to bring his amazing products to you for pick-up at the expected future home of Chicago Market, the Gerber Building.

Our first offering has some truly, ahem, spooktacular timing (so much so, we’re calling it “Apple-ween”)!  We’re offering two varieties of apples from Seedling Fruit, as well as cider made from Seedling apples - available for pre-order now. Pick-up is on Saturday, October 31st 11-5pm - be sure to bring your own bags for the apples so we can all minimize any waste as well as touches of your product by our volunteers!

So click the apple below to trick or treat yourself to some amazing apples and cider so you can celebrate Apple-ween with Seedling Fruit and Chicago Market!

You can find Seedling Fruit directly at:
Website:       seedlingfruit.com
Instagram:    instagram.com/seedlingfruit
Twitter:         twitter.com/seedlingfruit

(Also, do reach out if you have any amazing Halloween puns...we’re punny people over here and always interested in hearing from you! I really tried to convince our marketing team to let me put a skeleton joke in here, but they didn’t find me very humerus…)

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