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Chicago Market Newsletter — August 2023


Want to Compost With a Co-op? Now You Can!

The Chicago area’s newest co-op is a familiar name: Collective Resource Compost Cooperative! On July 1st, the 13-year-old company became a hybrid co-op owned by its workers, customers, and supporters. Read more about their announcement here and additional information about the co-op here

“This is exciting news for the co-op community,” says Dan Arnett, Chicago Market’s General Manager, who helped advise Collective Resource on its transition. “Bringing the cooperative model to an additional part of the food system means we can grow, consume, and recycle foods through community-owned options that support our values.”

Congratulations, Collective Resource Compost Cooperative!


Hold the Date — Annual Meeting

Being part of a co-op means attending the Annual Owners Meeting, and we're planning it for late afternoon/early evening on Sunday, September 24. Hold the date on your calendar and we'll get time and location announced soon.

Run for the Board

We elect new Board members every year in conjunction with our Annual Meeting. If you'd like to be a more integral part of the success of your Co-op, consider running for the Board. To learn about what's involved, email Dana or talk with other current Board members at our Uptown Farmers Market booth on Wednesdays.

Follow along on the process of your store with this visual of our Timeline.
Here are the most recent progress steps:
  • The electrical utility has approved our power needs. 

Uptown Farmers Market Community Corner

Our farmers market celebrates organizations in our community by providing them a booth at our market. Be sure to visit them. Upcoming Community Corner participants are:

August 9 — Citizens' Climate Lobby
August 16 — Uptown Branch Library, GameOn! Sports
August 23 — Cornerstone Community Outreach
August 30 — Tutoring Chicago
September 6 — Chicago Pet Club



News from Our Business Owners

“Natural Investments recently converted its company ownership from six financial advisors to the Natural Investments Purpose Trust. That’s right, we’re now essentially owned by a purpose!” (read all about it)

Get Involved

Your Co-op is a nationally recognized project that will have incredible impact on our local economy and the local food system. Invest in Preferred Shares now—you benefit and your Co-op can lower its reliance on bank debt. 

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Not up for investing but want to help your Co-op financially?

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