Our Basement is Looking Spiffy

The last stage of waterproofing our basement is complete!

Our previous blog post showed work in progress and here are photos of the last steps.


[Before and after!]


[Perforated pipes are laid in the trenches on top of a layer of black landscape fabric. The fabric allows water into the pipes but not dirt.]


[They are wrapped in a filter sock as a second protection against dirt entering the pipes, and then surrounded with gravel.]


[Getting all that gravel to the basement took some clever engineering—a wheelbarrow rolls it out onto a plank over the stairs where it's poured into a makeshift chute to another wheelbarrow in the basement.]


[Sump pumps are installed in the sump basins and piped into the sewer system to move moisture out of the basement.]


[An impermeable white dryliner is installed on all the exterior walls. Any water that seeps into the basement flows behind it and down to the drainage trenches, then away to the sump pumps and out to the sewer.]  

[This corner is our GM Dan's office—clean and dry!]

And we're proud to say all this wonderful work passed City inspection. Thanks, U.S. Waterproofing for taking such good care of us!

The next basement step is to have the steel beams fireproofed—we'll keep you updated.

Thanks to our Owner volunteer Rick Baer for the photos, and step-by-step reporting!

What’s next for Chicago Market?

While it feels great to have physical work occurring at the building, we still have some important steps to complete before we can commence principal construction activities. These steps include moving our City grant award forward for review by the Chicago Community Development Commission and City Council. We’re also in dialogue with various banks to explore terms for a bank loan as an additional source of construction funding.

What can you do to help? If you’re not yet a Chicago Market Owner, join us; if you are, invite your friends and neighbors to sign up or consider Leveling Up from a Founding Owner to a Cultivating Owner. Every dollar that we as Owners contribute to the Co-op means less bank debt we’ll need and fewer costs going forward.

It’s so exciting to see our vision taking shape—let’s keep the momentum going!


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