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[topic: local]
If you're like me and want a grocery store in your community that carries local foods and connects you to your food producers, join me as a Chicago Market Owner to make it happen. chicagomarket.coop/about

[topic: sustainable]
Let's build a more sustainable grocery store — Chicago Market will offer bulk foods, fill-your-own, reduced packaging, and a food waste reduction plan. Join me as an Owner to make it happen. chicagomarket.coop/about

[topic: local economic power]
Co-ops retain economic power in the community. Chicago Market will stock shelves with local goods; pay wages to local employees; and return profits to Owners. It's a local business model I'm proud to be a part of. Join me as an Owner to make it happen. chicagomarket.coop/about

[topic: Dr. Suess builds a co-op!]
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” I care about a sustainable, local food system. Join Chicago Market and build it with me. chicagomarket.coop/about

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