Becovic's Uptown Story

The Uptown Farmers Market wouldn’t be possible without our awesome sponsors. And we're proud to tell you a little bit more about Becovic. Located in Uptown, Becovic is sponsoring the Uptown Farmers Market because they believe it is a way for the community to gather while sustaining our local makers and growers and supporting our Co-op.

Becovic celebrates its own immigrant story as a foundation for long-term investing in the city's storied lakefront communities. Since 1973, the Becovic family's deep Chicago roots and commitment to creating homes has contributed to the preservation of Chicago's North Side neighborhoods. They are long-term owners in Uptown with a hyper-local pulse on the community's values, needs, and dreams—today and for the future. They love seeing our neighborhoods grow and thrive—and together we are all Uptown Proud!

Becovic shares the values of the Uptown Farmers Market and Chicago Market—they are dedicated to fostering the diversity, integrity, beauty, and vitality of our neighborhoods through continuously investing in their buildings, improving residents' homes and lives, and supporting local North Side businesses and nonprofits. And we’re happy to call them friends of the Uptown Farmers Market.

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