Chicago Market Board of Directors

In a cooperative, the Owners make the decisions about how the organization is run. They do that through their elected Board of Directors. Chicago Market is working on seating our first Board, and we'd like as many of our Owners as possible to be a part of the process.

It's a big commitment, but an essential one. This will be a 13- to 15-member, hands-on Board, shaping the procedures and policies that will lead to the opening of Chicago Market.

We're sure you have many questions about running for Chicago Market's first Board of Directors. Here's our Board FAQ.

Note: YOU MUST BE AN OWNER TO RUN FOR THE BOARD. If you aren't an Owner yet, become one now: Become an Owner

Want to apply for the board? The application is here: Apply

Want to learn more about the board? Come to our info session: Details and RSVP

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