Chicago Market April 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Lakeview Pantry
Minutes: Emily
Present: Ankit, Jen, Dana, Dan, Sara, Lee, Grant, Greg, Sunny, Sofia, Edward

Conference call with Thane and Leslie, CDS consultants:
-The meeting started with a great conference call with Thane Joyal and Leslie Watson, both CDS consultants. Thane is based out of Syracuse, has been with CDS since 2008, and specializes in providing support services for boards/board governance - CBLD. CDS tailors their services to boards' needs, and renew the agreements annually. They can provide support up to a certain number of hours, do in person workshops, create packages tailored to different boards, etc. Leslie Watson is based in Minneapolis - Eastside Food Co-op (one of the first co-ops in the third wave). She has experience in startups and capitol campaigns. She has been with CDS since 2014 and also works with a non-profit that helps co-ops that are too small/young to afford services.
-Thane and Leslie talked us through their areas of expertise, and the services they think we could use at this stage in development, including policy governance, board development, and leadership training. We briefly touched on the structure of engagement, and CDS seems open to making an arrangement/contract that will work for both parties.

Check ins:
-6 new Owners!
-posting March meeting minutes: Emily will post by 4/29
-Budget - team inputs: we still need more detailed spending projections as we move in to the next phase. Edward will continue to gather each team's projected spending needs.
-Up and Coming Basecamp post: spreadsheet is up, partially filled out. Areas that should be discussed with the Board are highlighted. Some of it is important information but not necessarily pertinent at the moment. To be completed with notes on BC by 5/23.
-CDS/PM due diligence notes: posted
-Benefit Chicago application: Greg and Ankit have talked to Benefit Chicago and Self Help. They will continue to have conversations with Benefit Chicago about our ability to apply, given their parameters. Should have updates by 5/9 meeting.
-USDA LFPP draft to Board: Sunny continues to research and fill out application.


End of public session.

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