Chicago Market Board Meeting Minutes - February 2018

Present: Grant, Lee, Greg, Dan, Sofia, Sunny, Lee, Edward

Notes: Emily

I. Board icebreakers: Name one personal or professional victory you have had in the last few weeks or months.

II. Check in on To Do status and other progress
Policy Governance: discuss/survey by 2/28 (done); present on 2/28 (pushed to 3/28, time permitting, so Sara and Ankit can lead discussion)
CDS: task force had call w/ Bill and Jeanie re: timeline, next steps. Dana doing due diligence re: project manager consultant. Further discussion below
Benefit Chicago Application: our application had been suspended because it had been active for more than 45 days. Greg emailed them to reinstate our account/application. Greg is waiting to hear back from them and finish with 2-3 weeks. New date: 3/16
Timeline: Lee has been made a number of updates
Howard Bowers Fund application: Linn has been asked for some more info
UCUR: All registrations are submitted. Dana started a spread sheet to organize who's going to what presentations. Grant has requested that the team bring back info subsequent board meetings.
Board meeting minutes: due 2/8. Emily to meet with Grant in person and get all recent meeting minutes up by 3/7
Board Votes: due 2/11. Post in "votes and resolutions" running document which lives in Board Operations

III. Financial check in - Edward
Still negative income but not a lot happening. Biggest expenditure was lobbying fee.
Grant: Teams struggle to know what and when they can spend money. There are several iterations of budgets from Emily, Bill, others. Teams' budgets have been used in our cashflow projections but may not be up-to-date or accurate. We need to find all existing iterations of budgets and share with Edward. Edward to prepare budget/approval process for us. 

IV. Discussion of ending Leadership Team - Grant (10-15 min)
Grant: if we end Leadership Team, we need to know that action items aren't being tended to.
Dan felt positively about LT because he felt more connected to everything by being part of that team, but could feel differently if he weren't on the team or how he'll feel after site is secured. Since the team has stopped meeting, he misses having the discussions about the inter-connectivity of the whole organization.
Greg agrees that it was valuable to have folks dedicated to steering the organization as a whole. We could have those conversations during Board meeting. What are teams doing and how does it affect Chicago Market as a whole?
Sunny: whether it's Leadership Team or not, it's important for somebody to be looking forward. It's important to have people who can see the bigger picture. But now that we have a second meeting a month, she personally feels more awareness of the big picture.
Sofia: we should be stressing that everybody needs to know what's going on, and we should be able at achieve that with two board meetings a month.
Lee: agrees that someone needs to be looking forward. He has gotten a much better sense of the inter-connectivity of the organization by working on the timeline and its dependencies. 
Org Dev will work on updating the committees and their leaders list.
-Emily: I know we don't want our Board meeting to turn in to everybody talking about everything every team and person is doing, but there is something to be said for sharing something in person to give quick updates in a way that is more compelling than massive spreadsheets.
Grant: we could try getting some very high level updates from teams in each meeting just like we've been doing the check in status recently.
Dan: Board member engagement, conflict resolution- where does the responsibility for topics like those go? Org dev? Org dev has already been doing some of this.
Grant is in favor of closing Leadership Team.
Grant moves to disband Leadership Team. Sofia seconds the motion. All vote in favor of the motion. The motion carries.
Previous LT members will compile a list of unresolved items from previous LT meetings in order to decide where they will be housed. Board to discuss at future meeting where to house these previous LT responsibilities.

V. Discussion and clarification of Owner number goals - Grant
There seems to be some confusion among the MORE team and others about which number goals correspond to major milestones. X after site acquisition and Y at opening.
Discussion tabled.

VI. Team discussion of consultants and next steps

Executive session begins

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