Chicago Market Board Meeting Minutes - June 28, 2017

Chicago Market Board Meeting – 6/28/17

Minutes: Heather Lalley


Lee Herman
Dana McKinney
Katie Lopez
Matt Ryan

  • Grant is going to be out of town a lot in the coming month.  Because of call for board candidates, we want to monitor the board@email while Grant is away.  Emily is proposed candidate.
    • During that time frame, we need to produce annual report.  Grant will have a draft going within the next few days.
    • Anthony proposed including the mayoral packet as an addendum.
    • Going to table talking about the presentation for the annual meeting and handle on Basecamp.
    • Grant asked people to push harder on Board candidate outreach.
      • Anthony pointed out that we need an email.  Anthony will draft by Friday
      • Grant encouraged people to reach out to orgs!
      • Monthly Finance Report:
        • Balance is staying solid.
        • Good month for income.
        • Grant asked if Jeremy at Meadowhaven got a reissued check.
        • Grant asked if we should keep finance check-in monthly, and board agreed to keep it monthly.
        • Cost Controls
          • Bill wants to formalize cost controls more than they are now.
          • Wrote up a simple set of starting points and read to the board.
            • Grant clarified that “go through the treasurer” is about notification, not pre-approval. 
            • Bill suggested a system where an under $200 expense is automatic, but notification is important. From $200-1000, he requests that we get estimates to confirm we are getting a good price. From $1000 and up, treasurer and at least 2 members of LT.
            • Lee H raised a question of a board subcommittee on finance. Anthony agreed that it was likely necessary, but suggested we discuss it the section of the agenda on things necessary if we get the RFP.
            • Bill suggested we try to recruit a CPA as a board member.
            • Grant asked for a document which laid out who had access to finances and how – checks, debit cards, etc.
            • Grant – concerned that when people are posting documents to BC, they aren’t giving enough context. Please identify documents with a description in the thread below.
            • Jen – Owner Rights Language.
              • Grant described the process with FCI that prompted this.
              • Jen read the owner rights document to the group.
              • Karen pointed out a couple possible other areas of inclusion.
                • Privacy – what we do with their data, contact info, communications.
                  • Lee pointed out that we’re working on a privacy policy, and so we can just link to that.
          • What if an Owner wants to propose a referendum?
          • Transfer and refund of shares.
  • Lee brought up the question of creating a policy manual, to connect the bylaws and the owner rights.
  • Jen is going to take these suggestions and incorporate them.
  • Greg suggested we make explicit what Owners are entitled to do at a meeting, and that they can attend a meeting.
  • Discussion of whether responsibilities and liabilities should be included – yes.
  • Scenario Planning for Yes!
    • Site Team has a list already
      • For negotiation: Attorney  (already done!)
      • Post lease signing:  Project Manager; Decide about the DC.
        • Is the project manager an interim GM?
        • GM
        • Identify General Contractor
        • Firm up design
        • Have a Charette.
  • MORE
    • Community Outreach
    • Owner Recruitment
    • OLC marketing materials
    • Web 2.0
  • Funding
    • OLC
    • Banks
    • TIF
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Short Term Budget For initial expenses
  • What can go?
    • Pop-Up?
    • Some MORE tasks can be outsourced
    • Site team will get the permitting timeline.
      • LT will take that information, consolidate and comment back.

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