Chicago Market May 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Lakeview Pantry
Present: Emily, Jen, Grant, Lee, Dan, Greg, Dana, Anthony, Sofia

I. Progress check-ins (Grant)
-Grant walked us through the new progress check-in process and went through the items on the list: Progress Check-ins - Board
-Edward gave us our financial report. We brought in a lot of Owner Equity this month. We paid the first part of our deposit on the Gerber Building, and spent some money on collateral (totes, advertising materials, etc.). We're working on our cost control document. Edward is following up on filing our tax return. We applied for and were approved for a credit card, which will help with cash flow. Edward also created a new "Financial Oversight" folder and added all the Board members. Previously, financial information was spread around in several folders. The goal is to have all financial documents stored in the month they were finalized.
-Cash flow: the team met at the beginning of the month and went over some Site costs and outstanding grant applications.
-Funding (Greg): Greg and Sofia gave us updates on the USDA grant, TIF funs, and OLC processes.
-PM/GM (Dana): the Team needs to finalize the job description and job posting language so we're ready to go when we're ready to hire a GM. We've got a great new volunteer who has recruiting experience who's going to help with the process. There is still work to be done around what the expectations are for the project manager role.
-Legal (Grant): Tony is working on getting us the appropriate insurance for the building. He's also applying for a trademark for Chicago Market.
-MORE: There's a new volunteer Bonnie who's leading us through a comprehensive Owner growth plan to take us through the end of the year.
-Owner growth: We're at 1151 Owners! Up from 1078 at our last meeting! Owner growth was very strong the first week after the announcement, and has dropped off since then.
-Wilson Underline: Linn and Jen have had two meetings with them, and have chosen September 15th to do an event with them. We want it to feel like a community block party- food, music, activities for kids, etc. There's a grant we can apply for to cover the cost of the event. We need to be aware of bandwidth and labor hours for all our volunteers.
-Store window signage: MORE is working on moving forward on the window decals for the store windows.
-Org Dev (Lee): Lee and team are looking to move forward with CDS's board development services. Sara is taking the lead on identifying new candidates for summer elections, and creating a one pager for Board requirements.
-OLC (Sofia): there's a training session coming for the Board and related volunteers to learn about the process. Our prospectus is under review. We've created an Owners-only section for our website where all the documents and events will be housed. We can only solicit loans from people who are Owners and who live in the state of Illinois. Lee is working on the log in process. Owners will need to make an account with a user name and password.
-Site (Dan): we're getting the building re-keyed and we'll officially have possession! Site will be doing a walkthrough at that point, and may take some video of the space. We're getting the design/architecture process started, and also interviewing Owners' rep candidates. We're waiting on answers from the Illinois EPA in regards to questions we have about environmental testing. Sunny met the owner's rep for Wrigley Field who gave us suggestions for firms to interview for the position, and will pass those to Dan. Site is finalizing a draft of a building program, and will share out to Board. The building programs lists out all the store departments and approximates their square footage. That will be passed to Fresh Arc, who will start looking at store layout. The building program comes out of all the research that we've done over the years- what we want and what we need. Dan is also working on security systems, and Sunny can help with that. Sara: Uptown United has a grant for outdoor security cameras. We should work with the CTA to see where their security cameras will be located.
-Site volunteer Doug has offered to sit in on Zero Waste committee meetings, as well as talk to MORE about open houses.
-Volunteer coordination (Lee): We're actively recruiting and onboarding volunteers. Lee is cleaning up the process documents in that project, and hopes to have a volunteer coordinator on board soon.
-Board Operations: meeting minutes are up to date.
-Policy Governance: posponed discussion.
-Timeline: need to make sure we're revisiting.
-Annual Owners meeting: Emily will be leading meeting and voting. Meeting will be a Sunday evening on July.
-Bylaw amendments: Emily will be presenting to the Board.
-UP and Coming: folks still need to present
-Grant and Greg are meeting with the president of Truman.
-GLRP: inactive at the moment.


End of public session.

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