Chicago Market Owner Profiles: Meet Annette!

Chicago Market Volunteer & Owner #148 Annette Mambuca recently had an idea: what if we invited co-op Owners to answer a few fun questions about themselves, and share with the rest of us?

We've enjoyed meeting Owners at our new monthly Meet-Ups and our newsletter 'Volunteer Spotlights' are a popular feature...so here's another way we can virtually 'meet' and build community with each other.

Check out Annette's profile below...and then, click on the "I'm An Owner!" link and fill out your own profile, for us to feature in our next newsletter!


Annette Mambuca

What's your name and tell us about who else shares your fridge (i.e. is part of your household's Ownership)? I'm Annette Mambuca, and I have shared my fridge (and other appliances) with Peter M. Cooke since college, albeit when we lived bicoastally for about 8 years. I had my own appliances then. 

Why are you a Chicago Market Owner? I was in Switzerland when I received the email to become part of Chicago Market. I became an Owner (#148) on the spot! I had an amazing introduction to food co-ops when I was an undergrad, at the Peaceable Kingdom Bakery in Kent, Ohio (now known as Kent Natural Foods). I was particularly blown away by the bulk bins. I remember thinking, You mean I can buy as many nuts as I want?!? I love the idea of bringing a refreshed co-op experience to Chicago - that's why I'm also a volunteer. (Unabashed plug to other Owners to lend a hand!)

What type of work do you do, or what else are you devoting time to, and why? I've been in business for myself for 30 years as the Principal for Mambu©a Communications for Business & Nonprofits. I'm a creative communications consultant and writer. What I'm loving lately is collaborating with two "coaches" - one is a relationship coach and the other is Dana Hirt, a parenting coach and Chicago Market Owner #879. The work has been a blast! Before that, I had a 30+ year freelance writing career working with nonprofits and corporations.

Is there another type of work you'd like to be doing? I love what I'm doing most of the time, but I am always happy to entertain new ideas. Whatcha' got in mind?

What else is really important to you? I'm a fierce proponent of mentoring -- and of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago. I was first matched with my "little" when she was just 11 and we officially aged out of the program when she was 18. She's almost 27, and we're still going strong!

What's your one 'wish come true' that you'd like to see from Chicago Market? Might be a product for our shelves, a program you'd like to see, a job you'd like to have, a location; whatever. Name it! Hmmm. I'd have to say I'd like to store to be located in the Andersonville area, south of Foster.

Three words that best describe you?  Spirited. Thoughtful. Creative.

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