Cooking with Autumn Veggies with Charles Dabah

Charles Dabah, owner of The Levantine Kitchen and a personal chef and caterer, joined us last week for an online cooking class featuring fabulous fall recipes! Charles demonstrated spicy white bean stew and butternut squash fries with pomegranate molasses dipping sauce.

Butternut squash is an awesome autumn veggie but is definitely intimidating to work with! Charles helped us get comfortable working with it, as well as showing how to incorporate other veggies like kale and broccoli rabe/rapini into our cooking.

Charles also shared some fantastic tips encouraging us to make homemade vegetable broth, what to do with leftover tomato paste, and lots of other helpful advice!

Here are some of the "finished products" from our cooking workshop:


If you missed the workshop, or want to watch it again, check out the video link below from Chicago Market's YouTube channel, where you can also find all of our previous online workshops too.

Click here for the list of ingredients, kitchen tools, preparation instructions, and shopping suggestions to have on hand to follow along with the "Autumn Veggies" video.

Also, if you'd like to see what Charles is up to, or book him for a fun and engaging cooking class with your friends and family, check out his website or find him on Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks Charles!

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