Think Of The Children!

When I was in law school, I had a professor who claimed he would award any student an automatic A if he or she could work the phrase "think of the children" into inane arguments about the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment. The absurdity of the challenge made for good fodder for over-caffeinated stressed out law students.

It is ironic that, as the father of two young children, I now “think of the children” when making most every decision. The food that my family consumes is incredibly important to not only the health of my children, but also to instilling in them the values to which my wife and I subscribe.

Thanks mostly to my wife’s valiant efforts, our family maintains an organic garden within the City limits. We shop at Farmers Markets, and we buy organic fruits and vegetables at Whole Foods and Marianos. We patronize independent butchers, and we love to eat at farm-to-table and locally sourced restaurants.

Despite the diversity of choices, there is a significant gap between Farmers Markets and large grocery chains, where, hopefully, locally sourced, organic, and healthy products can be provided at a store with close ties to the community.

My family supports Chicago Market because it is important to us to have a connection with our community. It gives us the opportunity to not only support a small and local business that provides healthful food, but which reinvests in the community by sourcing locally, and which enriches our support of sustainability and diversity.

Intellectual property and technology attorney, craft beer aficionado, proud father, and new owner of an awesome co-op.

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