Fat Cat Mixer Nabs Two New Owners for Chicago Market!

Uptown bright spot Fat Cat welcomed a number of co-op-curious folk on Monday, October 1 as the Market moved 2 Owners closer to our goal of 2000 by year’s end to keep the build-out of our Co-op moving forward. That puts our current Owner tally at 1,408!

As at all Co-op Mixers (this was our third to date this fall), several enthusiastic Chicago Market Owners stepped up to the mic to share a bit about who they are…and what drives their support of Chicago Market. Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

Cy Oldman, Fat Cat Owner and Proprietor and Chicago Market Owner #1295

“Chicago Market is just the type of business our neighborhood needs. In fact, I think of the Co-op being what I hoped Whole Foods would be: a true investment in a Chicago neighborhood.

As a small business owner, I believe in the vitality of Uptown – particularly its diversity. We have families who have lived here for generations and a wide variety of cultures. And with the Co-op’s outstanding location at the L station – and the many Uptown residents it will serve in so many ways – it’s absolutely crucial that all of us support it in any way we can.”

Ryan Rezvani, Co-founder, Bitter Ex Bitters Company and Chicago Market Owner #1262

“Why did I become an Owner of Chicago Market? I’ve always wanted to be in a co-op, and I thought it was odd that Chicago was such a co-op desert. So when I heard about Chicago Market I was so excited and joined immediately. I particularly love that it is member-owned and member-driven in a grassroots sort of way. A community.

Becoming part of the Chicago Market community is important to me and to Bitter Ex Bitters Company. We’re ‘both’ really glad to be a part of it.”

Sara Dinges, Executive Director, Andersonville Chamber of Commerce and Chicago Market Owner #234 and Member, Chicago Market Board of Directors

“I’m a localist, which means I support locally owned and independent businesses like the ones we have in Andersonville. I became an Owner of Chicago Market because of my passion for local businesses and local foods – and because this is the first time that I get to help build a local business simply by owning a share. And I think that’s really cool! The unique and beautiful and amazing thing about the Co-op is that it’s democracy and community in action. And we want you to be part of it!

Yes, You! If you’re ready to become a member, join us today! Need more info? You’re more than welcome to attend our monthly Board meeting or any of our upcoming events!

A special shout-out to Cy Oldman and Ryan Rezvani! In addition to providing the space for the Mixer, Fat Cat collaborated with Ryan to create a customized $2 shareback cocktail, a vodka concoction featuring Bitter Ex Bitters’ citrus bitters, with $2 of the $10 price tag going to support Chicago Market.

Hosting the Chicago Market Mixer was just one of the philanthropic overtures Fat Cat makes regularly for Uptown organizations, including hosting Sara’s Circle, nonprofit fundraisers and preparing and serving meals for residents of Mercy Housing.

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