Christopher Burns

Aside from being a long-time resident of the community, there are two broader reasons why I support the mission of Chicago Market.

First, Chicago Market’s vision around sustainability is aligned to my belief that sustainability must be a priority for all of us. Our failure to address the issues of social, human, economic, and environmental sustainability – either on a macro level (globally/nationally) or a micro level (city/neighborhood) – have been highlighted by a variety of issues ranging from COVID-19 to climate change.

Second, because of my work in healthcare, I’ve had experience working on issues related to social determinants of health and the issue of nutrition, specifically as it relates to access to quality nutrition and food deserts, is a big concern for me as I have seen, firsthand, the impact it can have on our neighbors. The opening of Chicago Market has the potential to make a meaningful impact on this issue for our community.

Storyteller + strategist. Bringing brands 2 life through content & experiences. PT filmmaker. Lover of music, film, food, wine, travel & all things in the ORD.

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